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Get to know Panoram, the innovative platform that unites brands, influencers, and shoppers for a seamless and engaging social shopping experience.


The founders behind Panoram


Rob Eden

Rob Eden, our visionary CEO, is an experienced leader in e-commerce and social media with a strong passion for Social Commerce. As a diligent and innovative founder, Rob is dedicated to shaping the future of Social Commerce on a global scale. His expertise and determination make him an exceptional driving force at Panoram.

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Alina Hermann

Alina Hermann, Panoram's resourceful COO, brings invaluable first-hand experience as a former influencer. Having faced the challenges of social commerce herself, Alina works tirelessly to develop solutions that address the pain points of influencers and the industry as a whole. Her dedication and insights significantly contribute to Panoram's success.

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Business Angel

Alexander Ferracuti

Alexander Ferracuti, our Business Angel, is a highly skilled finance and investment specialist. As both an angel investor and the driving force behind Panoram's business development, Alexander's hard work and expertise are integral to the company's growth. His dedication to financial excellence helps Panoram thrive in the competitive world of Social Commerce.

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