Pricing Policies

The following pricing policy outlines the commission and fees applicable to brands, influencers, and customers using the Panoram platform.

  1. Commission Fees:

    For every sale made through the Panoram platform, a 12% commission fee will be charged. This fee will be distributed as follows:

    1. 5% of the commission fee will be allocated to the influencer who promoted the product and was responsible for the sale.

    2. The remaining 7% will be retained by Panoram as a platform fee.

  2. Transaction Fees:

    A transaction fee of €0.29 will be applied to each completed sale on the Panoram platform. This fee is charged to cover payment processing and related costs.

  3. Payment Methods:

    Payment can be made either in advance, through a SEPA direct debit mandate, or via a credit/debit card. All payments are processed via the payment service provider “MANGOPAY.” MangoPay Terms and Conditions apply. The payment is paid out to the partners via escrow accounts managed by MangoPay. If there is a problem with an order or delivery, Valnet’s buyer protection takes care of reversing the transaction in discussion with the partner.

  4. Refunds:

    In the event of a refund, the commission and transaction fees will be reversed and refunded directly to the customer.

  5. Payment Processing:

    All transactions are processed through the secured system of “MANGOPAY”. To learn more about the privacy policy of “MANGOPAY”, please visit: /privacy-and-cookie-policy

  6. Changes to Pricing Policy:

    Panoram reserves the right to modify or change the pricing policy at any time. Any changes to the pricing policy will be communicated to our users via email or through notifications within the Panoram platform. It is the responsibility of users to stay informed about our pricing policy.

  7. Taxes:

    Brands are responsible for determining and collecting any applicable taxes (e.g., sales tax, VAT) in accordance with local laws and regulations. Panoram is not responsible for the collection or remittance of any taxes related to sales made through our platform.